Young people need the light of watchful guides to lead them on a path of salvation."

~ St. John baptist de la salle


The one thing that sets Knoxville Catholic apart from other secondary schools in the area is our Catholic Faith.

Gospel Values, Christ-Centered Character

Here is where students discover the true value of the human person: loved by God, with a mission on earth and a destiny that is immortal. As a result, they learn the virtues of self-respect and self-love, and of love for others – a love that is universal. In addition, each student will develop a willingness to embrace life, and also his or her own unique vocation, as a fulfillment of God's will.


Gospel Values

All spiritual activities are intended to proclaim Jesus Christ, in light of Catholic Church teaching, for the interior transformation of the student and the renewal of humanity. The Religion Department exercises the lead role in the religious education of its students in order to foster personal relationships with Jesus Christ and His Body, the Church. Gospel values are incorporated throughout all course work.


Each school day begins and ends with prayer, and all classes start with prayer. Class Masses are celebrated in the Holy Trinity Chapel according to priest availability. School-wide Masses are celebrated once a week and on Holy Days of Obligation. The Sacrament of Penance is offered communally during Advent and Lent and through Religion classes. All student organizations are encouraged to incorporate discipleship principles into their activities.


In imitation of Jesus’ loving concern for others, KCHS students contribute thousands of service hours every school year. Students volunteer for many organizations that are working to improve lives in our community and beyond, including Habitat for Humanity, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, the YMCA and YWCA, Catholic Charities and more.


Retreats are an encounter with Christ, and every student at Catholic takes time during each school year to nurture his/her spiritual life at a class retreat.

Retreats are a component of each student's formation, regardless of religious affiliation, because it is integral to the holistic growth we offer each student and lies at the very heart of our goal of forming the whole person.