KHCS Receives Legacy Gift

Knoxville CatholicNews

As we celebrate our 90th year and kick off Catholic Schools Week 2022, Knoxville Catholic is thrilled to announce a $500,000 Legacy Gift which establishes the Therese A. and Charles L. James Scholarship Endowment. Chuck and Terry James are passionate advocates of Catholic education and great friends of the Fighting Irish. The James’ gift is a remarkable example of generosity that will impact Knoxville Catholic long into the future.

Terry James (left) and Chuck James (right) bestow their scholarship endowment to Knoxville Catholic High School on January 24, 2022.

Chuck James said, “Recently we had decided to re-evaluate a portion of our Estate Plan, to assure that our gift was going to a non-profit or charity that best represented who we are and our values.” In their discernment, the James’ wanted to discover how they could “best help young people find their way in this world during such turbulent times.”

In visiting Knoxville Catholic High School and learning more about faith-based education, James said, “we knew we would want to be a small part of that family.” After meeting with Knoxville Catholic High School President Dickie Sompayrac, Director of Institutional Advancement Joni Punch and KCHS Chairman of the Board Fr. Chris Michelson, Chuck and Terry offered their generous gift that will advance the mission of Catholic education in Knoxville for generations to come. Thank you, Chuck and Terry James!